May 17, 2011

Hello world!

Let’s see what we can do!  I’m really excited to start this little project of mine.  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now but had a hard time finding a name.  My current one isn’t my favorite so suggestions or ideas are welcome!!!

A little background on me – I am in my…mid to late twenties (it’s still too soon to say “late” :)) and the past three years I’ve been raising a wonderfully floofy puppy named Tucker.  He’s a big black fluffly labradoodle who has made me learn that pets are so much more than animals, he is definitely part of the family.  He was a gift from my stepmom, who wanted to get him for me after my dad passed away.  I’m so thankful not only for the thoughtfulness of such a wonderful gift but for all of the experiences that this gift has given me.

I’ve also been lucky enough to raise the pup with a great man, who I will soon call my husband!  Future hubby and I spend a lot of time trying to tire out fluffle monster (he has a lot of nicknames) which has led us to a more active life.  After hiking a few times we decided to start working out more trying to become healthier.  Now we are trying to eat more naturally delicious foods.  And we are even more motivated to be healthy with a wedding just 4 months away!!!

I can’t wait to hold myself accountable with this blog and I look forward to sharing new recipes and new finds as we go along!

Always feel free to add comments and ideas!